A bout Our Spiritual Leader and Founder:


"I am a MESSENGER and SERVANT of the Divine Quantum Spirit. I bring knowledge to COMFORT all humankind: 1) It has been revealed to me that we exist after the death of the flesh in the form of Quantum Spirit. 2) The Divine Quantum Spirit has given us everything we need to create enough POSITIVE energy to make our experience on Earth like Heaven. 3) We each carry a piece of the Divine Quantum Spirit’s PERFECTION within our bodies and it is our DUTY to help each other OVERCOME the obstacles created by a profusion of negative energy which we have created through IGNORANCE and SELFISHNESS."

I welcome you ALL to the Quantum Spirit Worship Center. This ministry is dedicated to SHARING with others the benefits of HEALING and spiritual ADVANCEMENT that can be obtained using the positive energy of the Divine Quantum Spirit that emanates from all things. We are continually surrounded by this sacred energy but few of us know it exists and fewer of us know how to make use of it.

Many years ago I experienced a WONDROUS spiritual AWAKENING and since that time I have been compelled to share with others the REVELATIONS I have RECEIVED during meditation, prayer and my years of studying many spiritual paths and religions. I have devoted myself to LEARNING how to use the diverse healing ENERGIES of the Divine Quantum Spirit to help others learn how to MANIFEST health, happiness, ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY in their lives.

My path began when I was drawn to the powerful, CURATIVE energies found in plants. Through study and PRACTICE I learned how to heal others with them. My studies continued on to the HEALING energies found in crystal-therapy and aromatherapy. What profound MYSTERIES I discovered! A physical WORLD full of unseen energy, FOUND in all things and READY to be used to heal others. I then decided to open myself to ALL of the positive energies found in the universe. That is when my life CHANGED dramatically.

I began experiencing things that I first would DISCOUNT as mere coincidences but when the number of these COINCIDENCES increased over time, I had to take a closer look at what I was experiencing. Images and SIGNS of a spiritual path to the Divine Quantum Spirit became more CLEAR and stronger. I felt as though some divine entity had put me on a special, spiritual path and was gently urging me forward. People began telling me that there was something DIFFERENT about me- some inner JOY that they could sense. They began COMING to me to help them heal their bodies and spirits. SOON after, friends of theirs began coming to me for help and guidance.

As more things were REVEALED to me, I researched them. My research continues to carry me to other topics regarding spirituality and UNSEEN energies. One vision I received during meditation involved minute PARTICLES of matter combining with minute particles of energy then forming energy fields AROUND the human body. I began thinking about when PEOPLE say things like “I can FEEL the love in this room,” and “The tension in the room was very thick.” The LOVE or tension was a TANGIBLE, yet UNSEEN thing. How was this possible? It must be that these energies must have SUBSTANCE and that there must be a mechanism within the body to EXPERIENCE them. That QUESTION led me to the study of quantum mechanics and astrophysics. I have determined that my Quantum Spirit, with its own set of sensory apparatii, can sense and CREATE tangible things that MY physical senses cannot perceive and that my physical BODY energy AND the energy of my SOUL are INTERTWINED and form my Quantum Spirit entity.

Soul energy is implanted by the Divine Quantum Spirit at the time of conception when the bio-electromagnetic energy of dividing cells manifests itself. The soul is a piece of the Divine Quantum Spirit and serves as the CONSCIENCE of our physical being and gives us FREE WILL. It influences the decision making process of the physical body by infusing it with the desire to do selfless things. It can never be destroyed or weakened or corrupted. It can however, because of the gift of free will, play a lesser role in our lives when we choose selfishness over SELFLESSNESS.

There is a difference between selfishness and survival. The PHYSICAL body has needs which must be addressed in order to ensure its SURVIVAL: thirst means the immediate need for water; hunger, the immediate need for food. It is IMPERATIVE that we succumb to these immediate needs of the physical body to be able to do the work of the Divine Quantum Spirit.

And so the Divine Quantum Spirit CREATED for us a source of water and food…our planet. Our PLANET is designed to SUPPORT our physical body. Our physical body is designed to support our spiritual body. Without our planet we cannot fulfill the work of the Divine Quantum Spirit.

We are STEWARDS of our planet. We must NEVER take it for granted. Our existence is directly tied to the health and continued survival of the Earth. It is a sacred gift from the Divine Quantum Spirit for us to use but not ABUSE. Whenever a health challenge to our EARTH is revealed, humankind must work with haste to find solutions.”

Love and Light - Always,
Reverend Silverson