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If you would like more information about the Worship Center or would like to volunteer your time to help spread the word of the Divine Quantum Spirit, please contact us at staff@quantumspiritworship.com or call us at 847-289-6542 11AM to 5 PM USA central time zone Sunday through Thursday.

Donations go a long way in getting out the word about the Divine Quantum Spirit. We currently can only accept money orders or cash (not checks). We soon hope to be able to incorporate a payment system in our website but at this time it is cost prohibitive.

If you would like to donate to our cause of creating positive energy, stewardship for the planet and the spiritual evolution of humankind, please make money orders payable to Quantum Spirit Worship Center and mail them to:

Quantum Spirit Worship Center
PO box 1158
Streamwood, IL 60107 USA

We will acknowledge receipt of your donation either by mail or email so please include a current email address if you can.

If you would like to dedicate yourself to the glory of the Divine Quantum Spirit and JOIN the Worship Center please contact us and Reverend Silverson will send you instructions on performing your spiritual cleansing and alignment with the Divine Quantum Spirit for a $25 donation. After you have concluded your dedication, Reverend Silverson will send you a certificate stating that you are united with the Divine Quantum Spirit and a beloved member of the Quantum Spirit Worship Center. Your name will be put on our Love of the Spirit list and you will receive, free of charge, periodic sermons written by Reverend Silverson. Your name will also be put on our prayer list and blessings of health, wealth and happiness will be sent your way.

Love and Light to ALL of You!