T he New World Religion for a New and Better Life



For thousands of years, man has worshipped a God in the form of MAN’S image. Vengeance, destruction, oppression and the intentional excluding of others are not qualities of an advanced spiritual being. The time has come for us to embrace a new, major spiritual enlightenment: the divine entity is not just male or female energy; it is a combination of ALL positive energies. Compassion, forgiveness, wisdom and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE are the true components of a divine entity.

The Divine Quantum Spirit loves each and every one of us and does not wish to punish us or cause us pain. Out of unconditional love, the Divine Quantum Spirit gives us all a portion of Itself, the soul (our conscience), which is the perfect part of our being and guides us toward SELFLESSNESS by the use of divine FREE WILL. Humankind continues to make physical existence more unpleasant than it needs to be by misusing the divine gift of free will to create a false reality based upon SELFISHNESS in which human beings, greed and vanity are deified. The Divine Quantum Spirit also blesses us with a physical body (and a physical plane of existence created to sustain the body) to house the soul. From the many inner dialogues between the desires of the physical body (selfishness) and the desires of the soul (selflessness) is manifested spirit energy (consciousness). It is the spirit energy that ascends into the next level of existence when released from the bonds of the flesh; the perfect soul is immediately, like a magnet, reunited with the Divine Quantum Spirit. It is the soul’s eternal yearning to return to the Divine Quantum Spirit that creates the desire in humankind to worship a higher power.

All things have been created from the emanations of the Divine Quantum Spirit’s pure, positive energies. These divine energies are absorbed and stored by quantum particles and these particles surround and enter into all things. As the emanated, PURE energy descends from the level of the Divine Quantum Spirit to the level of physical existence, it can be altered and corrupted by negative energy. Humankind has the ability through free will (thoughts, words and deeds) to sustain or create positive OR negative energy: too much negative energy will counteract the transcendent positive energy of the Divine Quantum Spirit and by our own IGNORANCE war, disease, hunger and terror may increase! The current world situation is strong evidence of the retardation of the evolution of humankind caused by the effects of negative energy and spiritual ambivalence. Our ministry seeks to reverse and diminish the effects of negative energy for the benefit of the PLANET, the individual, the local community and ultimately our global community.

It is IMPERATIVE that we all create and emanate positive energy: POSITIVE ENERGY attracts positive energy and negative energy attracts negative energy and this energy, whether positive or negative, can be accumulated by people, places and/or things. HEALTH, ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY occur when positive energy is present. Negative energy produces illness, famine and poverty. Sometimes a POOLING of ENERGY particles happens. In the case of negative energy particle concentrations, destruction occurs… but in the case of positive energy concentrations- MIRACLES occur!

First however, we must MAKE ourselves WORTHY of attracting positive energy by offering adoration, gratitude and OURSELVES to the service of the Divine Quantum Spirit. Until we have a building site to hold worship services, our Worship Center offers a guide to spirit cleansing to remove past negativity, to open oneself to the positive energies of the universe and spiritual DEDICATION to follow the path of the Divine Quantum Spirit. Our ordained Senior Pastor and founder, Reverend Silverson, has personally written the prayers and procedures you will be using. Once you have completed your spirit cleansing and Quantum Spirit dedication, you will receive a signed certificate of loving acceptance into the worship of the Quantum Spirit. Reverend Silverson will also be sending bi-monthly sermons to educate members of the Worship Center about the blessings that come from the worship of the Divine Quantum Spirit, the need for selfless dedication to the Divine Quantum Spirit and the need to share our joy of living with the Divine Quantum Spirit with others.